■新型コロナウィルス発生時の緊急事態宣言解除を期に準会員制 ( 顧客名簿登録制,匿名利用不可 ) とさせていただきました。




■禁止事項 , ハウスルール



( 記念日撮影や取材など、特別な撮影を希望される場合はお気軽にスタッフにお申し付け下さい。)





・19:00以降のご予約は、お一人様 : 3300円以上のご利用よりお受けしておりす。(カバーチャージ1000円+消費税 別途)


[※同日に姉妹店 バル・バロッサをご利用戴いたお客様は半額となります。( 自己申告制 ) 是非ご利用ください。]


When the emergency declaration of the new coronavirus outbreak was lifted, we decided to adopt an associate membership system (customer list registration system, but not anonymous use).
 The membership requirements are as follows.

You must give us your correct name, address and contact information and be able to have an open relationship with us.

You must understand our house rules (below) before using our store.


Prohibited matters , House rules

We do not allow anyone to enter the bar while intoxicated.

We do not allow people who are not feeling well, especially those with a fever or cough.

Please say a few words when you take photos in the restaurant. Please do not include other customers in your photo.
If you would like to have special photos taken for your anniversary or for interviews, please feel free to ask our staff.

However, please refrain from wearing tank tops, shorts, sandals or jerseys. Please refrain from wearing excessive perfume.

Please refrain from wearing excessive perfume.


Due to the nature of the restaurant, we are limiting the number of guests to three per group.
 We also have a sister restaurant, Bar Barossa, which is available for groups. We look forward to seeing you at our sister restaurant, Bar Barossa.
 Please visit our sister restaurant, Barbarossa, at

About reservations.
Reservations can be made before 19:00 regardless of the rate.
For reservations made after 19:00, we accept reservations for a minimum spend of 3300 yen per person. (Cover charge of 1000yen + tax not included)
Please make a reservation if you want to come in after 22:00.

About the price
Please feel free to inquire about all cocktail and shot prices.

Please feel free to ask for all cocktails and shot prices.
If you stay at our sister restaurant Bar Barossa on the same day, you will be cover-charged is half price (self-assessment required). Self-certification is required.

All prices shown are non-taxable.