・お席のみの御予約は、ご飲食の最低ご利用予算おひとり様 3,000円(カバーチャージ・消費税別)とさせていただいております。
・写真撮影は基本的にご遠慮いただいております。( 記念日撮影など、ご希望の際はスタッフにお申し付け下さい。)
・服装規定( ドレスコード ) 男性のタンクトップ、ショートパンツ、サンダル履きなど、著しい軽装でのご来店はご遠慮いただいております。香水などのご使用もご遠慮ください。

Our bar comfortably seats up to ten people but to ensure space for our other guests we will only take parties of up to three people.

For reservations with only seats, minimum charge (minimum usage fee) We will be 4, 000 yen (tax not included) per person. Even if your account is less than 4, 000 yen per person, the lowest fee will be charged. Please note.

The counter section is non-smoking.

Please refrain from activity that might disturb our other customers. Loud noises, heavy perfumes, as well as arriving intoxicated may be a bother to our other patrons.
We thank you for your understanding and kind consideration in allowing us to create a palatable environment for all of our guests.

There is a cover charge of 1,000 JPY per guest.

Consumption tax of 8% will be charged.

Thank you for visiting this website.