London Dry Gin / Pimlico
Shetland Dry Gin / Black Woods
French Vermouth / Sacred

Lemon Peels


Gin / Plymouth
Fresh Lime Juice
Lime Cordial / Home made

Gin & Tonic

Dry Gin / Coldstream
French Gin / Eyguebelle
TonicWater / Schweppes
Carbonated Water
Cut Fresh Lime


Rye Whiskey / Sazerac
Absinthe / Pernod
Bitters / Peychaud
Liquid Sugar Cane

Burning Orange Peels


GIN / Burleigh's
Bitter All'uso d'Hollandia / Home made
Vermouth / Home made

Orange peels


There is no meaning in cocktails made up with usual proses and mere combination. We think we cannot complete Cocktails unless we understood and expand thoughts for them The recipes and traditions of base Liquors. Backgrounds and histories of Cocktails. Consideration and representation from every perspective. Daily pursuit for new completion. We cannot achieve the goal unless we patiently continue them. The belief is true of musicians, athletes, mathematicians, designers, and chefs, who are seeking better works, high quality and precision. It is often said that there is no correct answers for Cocktails. That is the reason why we’ll find interest and spirits in Cocktails when we seek them severely and embody our ideas. We should be happy to provide comfortable night time, when you can relax and freshen yourself for tomorrow, having a drink special for you.